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AORUDO@SBCGLOBAL.NET May 31st 2009 @ 3:52am
How I wish I were there with you all! Downing some of those oysters and talking to the oyster farmer!

AORUDO@SBCGLOBAL.NET May 31st 2009 @ 3:56am
Tell me, is it really 3.52 am there? No, I guess that refers to my time. My compliments on your writing style. I give you A+

SKOT'S MOM May 31st 2009 @ 4:24pm
The picture of you in the same reminds me of a picture of the Beatles.

ROBERT June 1st 2009 @ 11:23pm
How is France? It must be really great because you guys sure are spending a lot to time there.

ALEX'S MOM June 3rd 2009 @ 6:49am
oh great. wish I wasn't such a lame geek. Anyway, loved the oyster story and could practically taste those yummy bivalves. But, I am now addicted to The Blog and need an update!! How was Antibes? so glad you connected with Jewels' studio. How cool.

AQM June 3rd 2009 @ 11:19pm
looks like such a freaking blast!!!

ROBERT June 4th 2009 @ 4:53pm
I want to see a picture of Skot surfing in Spain for my birthday! Get up the new post!!!!

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